​​​Permanent Pothole Repair Solutions

Agitator & Control System

​The DuraTank digital control system makes programming and operation quick and easy. The specially designed agitator provides just the right amount of agitation and minimizes over mixing. The timer allows the operator the flexibility to choose the time and days for agitation. The standard material tank gauge is easy to read from ground level and is calibrated in 100 gallon increments.

Robust Design

​All DuraTanks are constructed using 1/4 inch carbon steel for long life and durability. 3 inches of foil backed insulation keeps the heat inside and minimizes operating costs. The aluminum outer skin provides resistance to the elements and protects your investment for years to come.

Safety & Accessibility

​All DuraTanks include a ladder and heavy duty manway and rail system. Maintenance greasing, loading and unloading processes are all performed from ground level. DuraTanks also include a 24" inspection door at the top for access to tank.

​Become self-sufficient in your patching and chip seal programs by installing a stationary emulsion storage tank. Convenient access to properly heated emulsion is critical to streamline the short patching and chip seal season. On-demand supply of emulsion keeps crews out working and not driving to the emulsion plant. DuraTanks are available in capacities from 3,000 to 10,000 gallons.

DuraTank T3 - T10​​​

* Efficient Blanket Heating

* Robust Design

*Timed Paddle Agitator 

* Simple & Safe Operation​

Efficient Blanket Heating

​The DuraTank from DuraPatcher utilizes 1,000 watt electric blankets for even trouble free heating. Blanket heating is superior to probe heating because it eliminates material build up issues and allows the tank to be preheated prior to filling. 240 VAC single phase power minimizes power consumption and makes for an easy hook up.

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