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Use the 1,000 gallon trailer-mounted emulsion tank to conveniently supply your DuraPatchers. Heavy-duty 14,000 lb. capacity trailer uses a rectangular tube chassis with dual axles for easy towing on four E-rated tires. Turnkey package includes electric brakes, lighting and pumping system with 5hp Honda® engine. Insulated steel tank is equipped with loading ports and drain valve. Electric heater blankets are standard for storage in colder climates.

Save fuel, time and transport costs with fewer trips to the emulsion plant with the DuraPatcher T1 Trailer Tank. When the T1 is paired with a spray injection patcher your crew stays out patching longer. 

DuraTank T1 Trailer Mounted 1k Gallon Tank​​​

* Maximize Patching Efficiency

* 1k Gallon Portable Storage

* Electric Heat Blankets 

* Skid Mount Option​ Available

​​​Permanent Pothole Repair Solutions

​​​​​Texas Patcher

Heavy Gauge Insulated Tank

Filling the tank is simple with the large 14” vented, locking loading port. The tank features two-inches of insulation and it is protected from the elements with a fire retardant cover.​ 

1,000-gallon Capacity Tank

Allows crews to fill patching or other equipment quickly using the 5-hp Honda engine driving a 15 gpm Viking pump. A recirculation circuit in the plumbing provides agitation for the emulsion and a five-gallon tank provides the solvent for flushing the pump.

Electric Heated Thermostatic Controlled

Two 1500-watt, 110-volt heating blankets (220V available) with a thermostat help maintain the optimum emulsion application or storage temperature. Blanket heating also allows the tank to be pre-heated. A temperature gauge allows easy monitoring.