* Truck Mounted Convenience

* 6 yd. Aggregate Hopper

* Ergonomic No-Stress Boom

* Vent-Flo Nozzle​

The Spray Patching Process - ​The spray patcher removes the pothole in one quick and cost effective 4 step process.

1. Clean the area with compressed air.

2. Apply an emulsion tack coat.

3. Fill the hole with coated aggregate.

4. Cover with dry aggregate so traffic can resume immediately.

Vent-Flo Nozzle

​The specially designed Vent-Flo nozzle properly coats the aggregate with the right amount of emulsion regardless of aggregate size. The mix is applied at an angle to the repair allowing maximum placement and best operator safety. The vent holes diffuse / slowdown the air stream to minimize rock overspray and maximize placement into the repair.

Ergonomic No-Stress Boom

​The 3 piece boom design provides the ultimate in support for the operator moving the delivery hose. The boom / slide system easily moves throughout the entire 18 foot work zone.

Truck Mounted Convenience

​All the same features as the trailer patcher but with truck mounted convenience. Especially useful in low clearance residential streets or areas with tight turning radiuses. The 6 yd. aggregate hopper keeps operators out working with less refills. The universal design easily mounts to most truck chassis.

DuraPatcher P3 Truck Mounted Patcher​​​

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​​​Permanent Pothole Repair Solutions

Heated Emulsion Tank

​The emulsion tank provides enough product to apply over 10 tons of patch before refilling. The heating blankets allow the patcher to be plugged in to keep emulsion at a "ready to go" temperature.